Kenneth Montgomery

Visual artist | Graphic designer | Content creator.

I'm a graphic designer based out of Buffalo New York,
I specialize in branding and problem-solving solutions

logo Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope Logo

I was asked to create a logo that embodies diversity in the workforce. A logo that will show shapes and sizes of multiple colors and giving others the opportunity to work with the majority of others in the workplace. The history of the project was created by Rich Products creating their own diversity and inclusion within the workplace to give their employees a space to talk about topics that are most important to the employees. Kaleidoscope is apart of the affinity group where they want to bring focus on supporting and empowering associates of color to be enriching, professional development, and career advancement throughout the global organization. This project was created in Adobe Illustrator using simple shapes and illustrations to embody diversity in the creative innovation thinking of a diverse atmosphere. I was inspired by using the shape and colors of a kaleidoscope and the silhouette of a person to create this logo. The logo is used for public speaking events and worn on the associates that work there.


Research & Strategy | Design

Kaleidoscope design by Kenneth Montgomery