Kenneth Montgomery

Visual artist | Graphic designer | Content creator.

I'm a graphic designer based out of Buffalo New York,
I specialize in branding and problem-solving solutions

Rosy Kitten Brand Logo Design

Rosy Kitten Brand Design

A good friend of mine was starting her own clothing line/product for her website. She wanted me to come up with a logo, photography for her products, in website concepts. I was inspired by her story of how she likes cats and how she wanted to incorporate a cat in her logo. I came up with an interesting hand drawing typography for her logo while incorporating a cat as the main R for her logo. The overalls design was used to sell clothing and jewelry on her website.


Research & Strategy | Brand layout | Web Development

Rosy Kitten logo
Rosy Kitten Concept
Rosy Kitten Concept 2
Rosy Kitten Concept 3
Rosy Kitten Concept 4
Rosy Kitten Concept 5
Rosy Kitten Concept 6
Rosy Kitten Concept 7