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Awesome place to eat and have lunrch! Elmo’s Bar & Restaurant is a no-frills bar located in a strip mall off a four-lane highway that serves up some of the most unique – and tasty – wings in Buffalo. Elmo’s has been honing its wing game since owner Adrian Meredith took over in the early 1990s, developing a from-scratch Cajun sauce that was unprecedented in Buffalo and heavily incorporating grilling into its process. Now, most wing orders are grilled, and nearly half are “double-dipped:” fried, tossed in sauce, grilled, doused in a different sauce, and served. The result is a wing bursting with a combination of flavors unlike anywhere else on the trail. Over a half-dozen double-dip options are available; the “BBQ hot” is a fusion of tang and heat, while the “Cajun honey mustard” is both sweet and spicy, with the char-grilled smokiness rounding out the flavor profile. The simple interior of the bar features late 1990s Sabres jerseys, a tribute to the days when the team used to chow down here after practice.